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Kanban Inventory Management

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Our Kanban Inventory Management system will allow you to streamline your internal processes in order to significantly improve production performance. We deliver exactly what you need when you need it.

Our skill in Kanban offers important advantages to you by reducing costs connected with the purchase, holding and handling of fastening and ancillary items. With a reduced supplier base and minimal inventory, our customers can make their systems lean and agile, removing common bottlenecks and adapting to whatever their customers or industry throw at them.

The system fits best with systems that require a substantial amount of small parts and run a continuous production line.

What is Kanban Inventory Management?

The Kanban system is a rolling two-bin system that provides your supplies just in time, directly at the point of use. Our team will regularly visit your premises to update the empty bins as the new bins are brought forward, which ensures inventory levels are always kept up to date. Our Kanban system allows stock levels to be considerably reduced compared with classic inventory management, saving you money and space.

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Implementing Kanban with Diamond

  1. We will analyse your business and discuss your individual needs to figure out if Kanban is the right system for you.
  2. We work with you to determine how many different items you require a continuous supply of, as well as the quantity needed on hand at all times.
  3. Next, we provide the correct racking and containers for your inventory.
  4. The final stage in the set-up is updating your inventory to the correct amount for use in the Kanban system.
  5. After that, we continuously monitor your stock levels to assess if there needs to be an increase or decrease in inventory levels.

    Find out more about the Kanban process on our blog.