Managed Store Services Diamond Industrial

Managed Store

Diamond Industrial Supplies offers a smart managed store service to help you save money, and reduce administration.

Through the service, we are able to partly or fully take over the running of your supply chain. Our expert team will advise you on inventory, storage and layout within your premises, then provide the people power, logistics and stock to improve the flexibility and efficiency of your organisation.

We are able to...

managed services diamond industrial bespoke systems

Tailor a bespoke system to fit your requirements

We can help you to plan out and implement a more efficient and lean warehousing or storage system that fits exactly with your business needs.

managed services diamond industrial bespoke systems

Advise on minimum and maximum stock levels

Our experts will help you and your team analyse your current inventory requirements and set prerequisite inventory minimum and maximum stock levels. These will then be continuously analysed and updated in line with product consumption to ensure they are always at the optimum levels.

managed services diamond industrial bespoke systems

Provide regular stock checks and replenishment

Our expert team will visit your premises regularly to ensure the availability of all inventory and analyse if any changes need to be made to the minimum and maximum levels.

managed services diamond industrial bespoke systems

Provide bins and racking

The most efficient storage maximises your available storage space in the same storage area. We can help implement more efficient racking and component bins.

Why Choose a Managed Store with Diamond?

By allowing Diamond to manage your store, you will:

  • Improve the accuracy of your stock levels
  • Reduce your administration costs.
  • Reduce waste and upfront stocking costs.
  • Reduce your risk by consolidating your supply chain
  • Manage your assets more effectively and smoothly

We remove administration from your people, reduce your costs, and improve your flexibility and efficiency - that's why our managed store service is becoming so popular across Scotland and Northern England. Get in touch to find out more.